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Let’s be honest, working out sucks.


But... It doesn’t have to for YOU!  It’s not hard deciding you want to get in better shape. The hard part is not knowing if what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, or if what you’re eating is right. It’s a fact, that most people feel like they’re getting nowhere week after week in the gym, or they aren’t progressing fast enough and end up bored in their training routine or trainer. 


It doesn’t have to be this way!


There’s a simpler way to get the results you’re after!


That’s right- you’ve found it!


Now, if you’re ready to strive for a more active, healthier and all around better and stronger  version of who you are today, then we’re ready to show you a more effective and fun way to get fit…


We've Got The Answers To What's Holding You Back!

If you’re still reading this, we have your interest. So listen up- when you join our family at Verum Vi CrossFit, you’ll not only get real results, but true fitness education. This is a place to learn and grow - to improve your body AND your mind. To become knowledgable in the mechanics, strengths and limitations of YOUR body.


3 Steps to Understanding Our Approach!


1.  Your fitness should have purpose. Life is unpredictable, and we need to be prepared for whatever is thrown our way. This means being strong, able and ready for the unknowable. The reality is that people who train to live actively, enjoy a more productive and easier life!


2.  Set goals if you want to succeed!  By tracking, measuring, and evaluating your training, you will realize tangible results. It’s extremely motivating getting closer to your goals by seeing your results laid out clearly. That’s cause to push you to keep working hard. Our suportive family of athletes keep each other accountable, which is a recipe for success!


3.  High Intensity Works! To get the results we know you want, it will require you to step outside the feel good zone. This is where results come fast, confidence in yourself grows, and people start to notice you more! But- if professional coaching, hard work, sweating and a family of motivated people isn’t your thing, you should probably close this page.


Otherwise, take a look at what you’ve been missing...


So we’ve covered our approach to getting fit, but there’s more…Believing in our training isn’t where it stops for us. We’ve built this company on core values that deliver results. We strive to provide and develop high quality services for our growing community and will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure a dynamic, fun filled experience that can be a part of your life for years to come. 

How it works...

Athlete Development Timeline- In order to establish standards in strength, conditioning and skill development, we study top performing professional athletes and look at their progress over time. These insights help us develop our goal based programs for our clients looking forward to a lifestyle of health and fitness.


Intro and Assessment- This is the opportunity to see our facility, equipment and meet our coaches. You’ll gain a better understanding of how our program works and our core values. We’ll also be able to find a program that fits your level of fitness and overall your goals, weather it be performing better on your sports team, competing in local or regional events or keeping up with the grandkids.


Tailored to your needs- Everybody has different ideas and aspirations on where their road to fitness will take them. In order to accomplish your long term goals, we need to be sure that your training fits with your current fitness level and is also challenging enough. Your goals will change over time and as you find aspects of the program that once seemed out of your reach, you’ll achieve even greater things moving forward. There’s always more to learn!

What You Can Expect From A Membership

  • Convenient Class Schedule - Over 35 class options a week to choose from, including CrossFit, Cardio, Yoga and Olymnpic weightlifting!!!
  • Classes lead by trained and certified CrossFit coaches
  • Goal based program to fit your individual needs
  • Nutrition guidance, attendance support, and the right accountability
  • A friendly and supportive community of athletes that share your passion for fitness
  • Community building events and challenges


Still with me? 


Awesome! Then you’re going to love knowing that being a part of the Verum Vi CrossFit community means becoming a highly skilled, well rounded athlete able to tackle any activity. We’re going to have fun! We have lots of tools to improve your competence in the ten recognized fitness domains (accuracy, agility, balance, cardio/respiratory endurance, coordination, flexibilty, power, speed, stamina and strength)  We'll be using dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, squat racks, battle ropes, gymnastic rings… to name a few. You’re going to be pushing, pulling, lifting, sweating and of course having a blast doing it! From a beginner on you’ll learn proper mechanics, good technique and skills in weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio endurance training.


Becoming a member, you'll be confident in your education and in control of your own results


How many people would say they don't want to be or live their best? How many people actually do it? To make the most of this life requires desire, commitment and action, even in the face of turbulence. - Good seas don't make good sailors.


If you’re ready to change your habits, willing to work your butt off and overcome the challenges holding you back from your success, then Verum Vi CrossFit is where you belong!


Our community is active and strong. You're gonna love it, but to really know what it means to be a part of it, you have to experience it. 

What Can a Motivated Community Do For You?

That’s easy! Get you results! Our community is comprised of people from all backgrounds, age and fitness levels. The group classes are hugely motivating and exciting. The comradery and support to keep going or to push yourself farther every day is amazing. It’s easy to let yourself off the hook when you’re training by yourself. Here you’ll find the most important thing… accountability! 


Check Out What Some of Our Members have to Say!


*Results May Vary


It's easy to start your training with Verum Vi CrossFit in Katy, Tx!  Here's how to get started...


1.  Call 281-698-7811 or email info@verumvicrossfit.com to schedule your Free Intro Session.


2.  Meet with one of our coaches to review your goals, tour our training facility, and try a CrossFit workout.


3.  We'll recommend a program that fits your needs, and then you choose which package option works best for you!



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