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     "I started CrossFit because I wanted something more than a gym, I wanted a place that was going to challenge me and push me to transform into an athlete.  At the beginning I never thought I would be able to do things like rope climbing, kick to handstand, pull-ups (no matter how many bands i had), front squats, etc.  Even though I am no expert, I can do all of those things now and much more.  Everyday Verum Vi CrossFit members and the trainers Jeremy and Mary are an inspiration.  Last year I had to buy new clothes often because the weight was melting off!  My heaviest was 210 lbs, when I started CrossFit December 2013 I was around 195.  Now I weigh 155lbs, I am very close to my goal.  Not only is my body strong but my mind is strong.  December 2013 I made a life changing decision to start and now I don't see my life without it.  In February 2014 my husband, Rick, finally decided to join me.  It is something we enjoy doing together everyday, it has brought us closer even more!"  

-Angie Vargas


     "I was not sure at the beginning if CrossFit was for me. it took me over two months from when Angie started until i decided to join.  It was late February, when i started with the elements class i felt as if the hour would never end and i was close to passing out. Regular classes started and i did not feel as if i was strong enough to continue, but thanks to my coach Jeremy, pushing me and believing in me, i continued with CrossFit.  During the summer i started to attend Jeremy's morning class while we started with a Paleo challenge and i was able to lose close to 7% body fat and have kept it off.  Now it is part of my everyday routine, CrossFit then go to go work full of energy.  Feeling accomplished because i had my daily dose of CrossFit.  Thank you Verum Vi for all you have helped me."  

-Rick Vargas

*Results May Vary

Verum Vi CrossFit before and after Before CrossFit 2013/ July 2015

"I've been consistently training at Verum Vi CrossFit  since October 2013. Since then I've lost 25 pounds and 4 inches off my waist. When I first came across Verum Vi, I was approaching my 50th birthday. I was at my all time heaviest weight of 206 and felt sluggish and very out of shape.  Fast forward to today!  I am 181 pounds and at 52 years old feel great with lots of energy.  Aside from becoming physically stronger and doing exercises and movements I thought I could never domy confidence level and mental state are also STRONG.  I am proud to say that at my age I take NO prescription meds. This is after my Internist threatened to put me on meds if I didn't loose weight and exercise. The gym is awesome as are the members and the owners/coaches. Everyone is very friendly,  supportive and encouraging.  Mary and Jeremy really know their stuff and are after serious results. They continuously motivate and push you past your comfort zone. Joining this gym was just what I needed to get me back in shape. If you want kick ass results I recommend you visit Verum Vi Crossfit." 


"Make the commitment, show up, listen to the coaches and put the time
in. You won't be sorry......"


-Brad Hill

*Results May Vary

I found myself weighing in at 295 lbs on my 37th birthday.  I knew I needed to make some drastic changes in my life for myself and my kiddos.
Already having been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, as well as PCOS, which makes it extremely hard to lose weight, it was time to take extreme action.  
In August 2013 I had VSG surgery performed, and as soon as I was medically cleared, I signed up at Verum Vi CrossFit!!
It was intimidating initially, but the community that you find at Verum Vi is awesome, welcoming and supportive!!  You are instantly welcomed into a family of fitness minded individuals.  
Through the various nutrition contests and seminars, I have learned to eat clean, a major health benefit!!
The workouts are very challenging, but create the change you want to see in your body; increasing strength, speed, flexibility, and trimming your body down to lean muscle.  It has been nearly 3 years since I started my fitness journey and I would have never been able to accomplish and MAINTAIN these results without my Verum Vi family.  Having lost 100 lbs, and losing a total of 12 sizes I can sincerely say Verum Vi CrossFit is one of the best decisions of my life!!! ..at 40 I am in the best shape I have ever been, and I'm just getting started!
Thanks Verum Vi!! 

-Lilly Braham
*Results May Vary



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